Friday morning put on the feed bag and get yourself downtown for the world’s largest outdoor pancake breakfast! Yeppers…the flap-jacks will be a flippin and the sausage a grillin!

Leave to work an hour early and make a detour to the Roaring Gulch downtown. It wont take you an hour to be served but you will need the time to say hello to people ya know who will be filling their face too.

Serving starts at 5AM on to 10AM. The streets are closed at the Cascade Theater and the tables and chairs are set and ready for ya! So get your getty up a goin and get yourself on down there!

For more info visit This years rodeo will have come and gone before you know it….hope you don’t miss out on all the fun and entertainment. We are on the Million Dollar Circuit this year…yee ha!
Gpa_040.jpgIn the spirit of Redding Rodeo Week….here are some photos my brother took last week where on Thursday nights at Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church near Enid Oklahoma they have a great time.Gpa_044.jpgA Nashville Grandpa brought his 3-year old to perform with him. That’s a realistic toy guitar. He had a wow-wow pedal hooked up to it so he could realistically pretend.

Very cute. Wowed the crowd. This was how we spend our Thursday nights at Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church near Enid Oklahoma.Gpa_051.jpg
Thank you very much, I think. Gosh! Look at all the old cowboys!Gpa_013.jpgJumping the rail and into the arena at Winter’s Livestock Auction Barn’s regular event held every Thursday night at 7p.m…
Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church. Near Enid, Oklahoma.

Thanks brother for sharing!