Put your finger here!
If you can’t put you finger on it…then you must have been offshore on a crab boat or something not to know. So just what are we talking about? Politics…the economy for sure seems to be on most everyone’s mind for good reason. It is hard to get good news on what is really going on with how the news media is so bias for one reason or another. After all…who owns them…not you and me. Even the smucks we are bailing out won’t have our best interest in mind. There is plenty of commentary to build a bridge to nowhere and I really have no interest in getting into a political pissing match with anyone. Just it is impossible not feel one way or another about all that is going on even if we are being left in the dark. I really stop and think to just which country is in the biggest jam here since it isn’t just our money in jam here…with all the foreign investors on the line too.

On a more positive note. It is good to hear the news about the city of Anderson making lemonade out of the lemon tree economy. Construction of a new Burrito Bandito is about to be completed along with many public improvement projects. These have been reported successful because of the lowest bids ever due to the struggling economy. The photos I took here are from the construction on the building going up next to the Trader Joes which seems to keep finding good reason to drag its feet in being completed. All this construction is good now but as we all know…this stuff all has a lag time. When winter rolls around and construction ceases….will it actually return? Many of our local area businesses are hurting too. Fuel coast ate a hole in us all and our tourist dollars shrunk because we did not have the vacationers we normally enjoy coming here to stimulate our economy. Many of the houseboats on Shasta Lake were dry docked during this summers season and not just because of low lake levels but that didn’t help matters. Blah Blah…it is time for the weekend and I don’t know about you but I am sure ready for it…even if it is going to be above normal hot one. May everyone have a fun and safe weekend. Cheers!
Redding Construction