Night Sky

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Sacramento River
  On the Sacramento River, Caldwell Park Redding, California
Caldwell Park
  Fog rises from the river and slowly sifts through the trees…
Fog on the Sacramento River Redding California
  Homes with Christmas lights glisten in the hills…
Downtown Redding on the Sacramento River
  Merry Christmas

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The last evening of summer sure made a grand exit with a spectacular light show over the mountains to the north east of Redding. I missed the most active portion of the lightning as I scrambled to my favorite perch to capture this series which are just a few I selected out of the collection. From where I was standing there wasn’t any thunder to be heard but needless to say, it was clear there was plenty of punch in the electric charged clouds that were seen slipping off to the southeast from the direction of Black Bear Mountain to Lassen Volcanic Range.

This Monday is equally as long as the night with the transition of our Summer slips into Fall. I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler temps and the lower utility bill it will help us all have. Be sure to click on the images to enlarge.

Happy Fall everyone…cheers!