It is obvious that our community is continuing the tradition of surviving economical hard times and is still maintaining its ability to revitalize itself. Nowhere is it more apparent that our very own downtown. There is a growing list of new businesses along with new construction as well as street improvements and crosswalks. 

This is something that is fun to discuss with your friends and colleagues especially when you get to share something new you just learned about in regards to our historical downtown. Social media is the best way to keep informed.

With that said….I am excited to be invited to share my experiences and information I may happen to learn about or uncover or just care to brag about on It has always been an interest of mine to discover something old or new about our downtown. is the perfect platform for sharing and hearing everyone’s opinion. i will do my best to create the discussion and collectively we can spread the word while we share our opinions and ideas. 

So what is the newest thing you have heard about downtown Redding? 

How about the new plans to demolish the old bus station and replace it with desirable new retail space? 

And have you checked out the new Market Street crosswalks and the redesign of the Market St and Eureka Way intersection complete with new east bound signage and pavement?

Those are just a few of the newest visible and talked about topics. I would also like to ask…what eateries have you tried lately downtown and what is your favorite place for an adult beverage? The list goes on but you get the idea. These are some of the topics I will be covering but I am not stopping there. Lots of activities take place every day downtown and some are planned and some are not. If you hear of something you think would be of interest and worth sharing…please do! I look forward to helping generate interest while giving acknowledgement where due.  Thanks for making it possible to report on the exciting happenings of our downtown community and the surrounding neighboring communities.