I had a bowl of firm ripe wild figs that I wanted to do something with and thought hey…why not a pie. So I Googled Fig Pie and the first two recipes were simple and interesting. I chose the second one as it used a cream topping much like a cheesecake filling poured over the top of the figs instead of a crust. I modified the recipe as I used store bought pie crust and it called for orange juice as the liquid in the making of the pie crust. I added three table spoons of orange marmalade to the lime juice that was to be poured over the peeled and quartered figs. The first recipe called for peeling them…the second one didn’t but I thought the peelings were to course to leave all it on.

For the cream filling I used sour cream, heavy cream, white (and half brown sugar as I like the brown sugar flavor), corn starch, and vanilla whipped till thickened. The first recipe also called for a dash of apple spice…I added dash of pumpkin pie spice to add that fall flavor and aroma.

Here is the original recipe Tierra’s Fresh Fig Pie
It took me about an hour and half to peel, mix and bake. Yummy goodness!


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