I woke Saturday morning to find I had company…oh who art though? Mister bugger had slipped in through the cracked kitchen window during the cool of the night(this place didn’t come with screens :-)) and was now waiting for the sun and its warming glow. It appeared to be peering out the slit in the blinds seemingly as if no, not yet.

Off I went about having my morning making a little breakfast while the sun began to shine I gently opened the blinds just a tiny little bit. Oh yeah…bugger likes it!

Enjoying my unexpected company, we hung out together for awhile…though our conversation was null and void…at least if I was doing all the talking, I got the feeling by the rotation of his head with those big bug eyes that we were connecting. LOL

After I washed my dishes and took out the trash…no I am still here. I noticed out another window all of its relatives were out and about filling the beautiful blue skies. So I gently grasp the poor little thing, yeah right mandibles chomping legs a kicking and screaming at decibels beyond human hearing, I clasp all four wings and dusted off the cobwebs it had collected on its little prickly feet. Took it outside and found a sunny leaf were I let it grab hold before letting it go. Adjusting itself…with a yawn and few leg stretches it began soaking up the sun as it warmed its empty body. Later I returned and it appeared to have joined the others for I did not see any fat happy spiders.

The end of summer and the dragonflies are out in full force feasting and repopulating for the long cold winter ahead.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!
Here is some music for your weekend Emily Wells (click here)