La Calera Chapel is a little adobe church in West Texas.

According to recent written articles, the chapel has been preserved and maintained by the retired mayor of Balmorhea, Ruben Fuentes. It’s in the Chihuahuan Desert at the base of the Davis Mountains on Toyah Creek, six miles out from Balmorhea (Balmorhea Springs & Balmorhea State Park). You pass by the area when traveling on I-10 between Fort Stockton and El Passo.

The chapel is the only structure that remains of this 19th century settlement of sheep and goat herders. In the series of photos below, you will see stone ruins and a small forgotten cemetery comprised of rock mounds with small hand-carved headstones and wooden crosses.

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Baruch Atah Adonai
From The Balmorhea Progressive
Sit and the desert air will fill you; speak and its breath calls you back to stillness.

There is an oasis in the northern reaches of the Chihuahuan Desert in far West Texas. Long the secret of mountain trail vacationers, desert mendicants, epicurean savants and Barton Springs polar bears, Balmorhea is a progressive hide-out in the sunset shadows of the Davis Mountains for the reform-minded but powerless dreamer, the idealist turned cynic and yellow dogs bitting on a neoconservative leash . Illegals have nothing to fear in a refuge so long abandoned that the Great Dust Bowl didn’t bother to express its wrath here. It is a way through, a prophesy of depression, an oasis of faith, of hope and recovery and of dreams where oil lies wasting under desert sands and ancient mysteries.
Patronne de las Americas