July 2009

Brazilian: Picanha – Rump, or as Brazilians call it ‘Picanha’, is the king of BBQ cuts


Better late than never…yeah with this post too.

Arrived at the ArtHop birthday bash not long before it was over…err uh…snagged by the fact Library Park which I know as Marketfest is not near a library but there are several parks that are in Redding. Been here long enough you would think I knew…and yes I checked first ha ha so needless to say we were late but it was still a lot of fun. Was able to catch up with Kelly, Phil, Steve and Donni along with three sets by the Mt. Shasta Taiko Drummers shown below.

After the bash we headed out to Carnegie’s where we down a few Tangerine Wheats and ran into several friends. The Mt. Shasta Taiko Drummers arrived for dinner so we got to compliment them on their great performance in person. Later we strolled on over to the Cascade where we witnessed a little flower power art or whatever you want to call it….as this gal had her self rolled with various hues of paint before smudging herself onto canvas laid out on the sidewalk. The musical group beside their setup was providing the best entertainment…have no clue to who they were but they were great.

We then headed into Vintage bar and grill where we managed to catch a table on the sidewalk….nice evening to be sitting outside…wow we did not have the triple digit heat we are known for this time of year. While at the bar buying a round of drinks…I spotted Jim Dyar with friends…sorry Jim but I did not want to interrupt click!

After awhile at Vintage we made our way over to Vintner’s Cellar where we wrapped up the evening. So much we didn’t get to see as the ArtHop has grown far beyond the immediate downtown area.

See you guys next month….and good luck to the ArtHop in having another successful year ahead. Cheers!
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Mt. Shasta Taiko Drummers

Drumming to the beat

Drumming to the beat

Behind the stage

I 've got the beat!

Druming in Library Park

Beat to the Beat

The End - Drum Roll Please
Drum roll please….the end! Mt. Shasta Taiko Drummers

Random ArtHop Spottings

Body Paint 101

Body Paint 101

Multi-colored Salamander

Multi-colored Salamander - I sort of recall it was much more fun in the 70's LOL

Vintage Dyar

Vintage Dyar Spotting

Regulars belly up to the bar at Vintners Cellar during the ArtHop festivities.

Regulars belly up to the bar at Vintners Cellar during the ArtHop festivities.

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TANC was a no-show at the Cascade Wednesday evening but the StopTanc protestors showed up in full force. The demonstration march began at REU heading up Pine Street to Placer where they gathered in front of the Cascade. A peaceful demonstration though their message was loud and clear. Learn about their cause at www.StopTanc.com

After the wonderful moonlit fireworks display at Redding’s Civic Center, it was time for those who gathered for the 4th celebration to disperse. It did not go without notice a few just couldn’t keep out of trouble. Have not heard word yet on what took place but over at the north end of the Benton Drive Sacramento bridge something was certainly going on that officers responded to in force. They were at the top end of the bridge and also covering an area down on the river trail below. Then later on and not all that long a police chase unfolded and ended at the intersection of California St. and Trinity St. behind what was once Miller Auto.

The suspect had barreled across a front lawn and crashed his early model vehicle up against a tree on the sidewalk. This very corner yard was previously lined with tables and chairs as the family with friends celebrated the 4th including an outdoor BBQ. Needless to say…several tables and a few chairs were demolished as the suspect zipped across from Trinity on across their front yard before hitting the tree on the California St. sidewalk.

It did not appear anyone was injured and the officers had the suspect in the back seat of one of the many patrol cars on the scene. There appeared to be a witness who was being interviewed and being asked to identity the suspect.

Thank you RPD and the Shasta Sheriff’s Dep. as well as the CHIP for doing a great job. It is also nice that we have the RPD enduro motorcycle and bicycle patrol who’s visible presence help make it a lot safer when crowds as large as our July celebration come together.




Crash Scene Photos by Penny Ripley using Blackberry Bold

La Calera Chapel is a little adobe church in West Texas.

According to recent written articles, the chapel has been preserved and maintained by the retired mayor of Balmorhea, Ruben Fuentes. It’s in the Chihuahuan Desert at the base of the Davis Mountains on Toyah Creek, six miles out from Balmorhea (Balmorhea Springs & Balmorhea State Park). You pass by the area when traveling on I-10 between Fort Stockton and El Passo.

The chapel is the only structure that remains of this 19th century settlement of sheep and goat herders. In the series of photos below, you will see stone ruins and a small forgotten cemetery comprised of rock mounds with small hand-carved headstones and wooden crosses.

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Click on images to enlarge

Baruch Atah Adonai
From The Balmorhea Progressive
Sit and the desert air will fill you; speak and its breath calls you back to stillness.

There is an oasis in the northern reaches of the Chihuahuan Desert in far West Texas. Long the secret of mountain trail vacationers, desert mendicants, epicurean savants and Barton Springs polar bears, Balmorhea is a progressive hide-out in the sunset shadows of the Davis Mountains for the reform-minded but powerless dreamer, the idealist turned cynic and yellow dogs bitting on a neoconservative leash . Illegals have nothing to fear in a refuge so long abandoned that the Great Dust Bowl didn’t bother to express its wrath here. It is a way through, a prophesy of depression, an oasis of faith, of hope and recovery and of dreams where oil lies wasting under desert sands and ancient mysteries.
Patronne de las Americas