June 2009

Last weekend the weather kept us guessing if it was going to remain spring like or summer….but we all know around here in Redding you can have both at the same time.

The last day of spring slipped away but not without leaving us a few nice showers and a little hail here and there about the valley floor and on up into the mountains.

Below are a few of snapshots of the last day of spring including a triple rainbow that I just barely got a glimpse of with the camera. The rest are of the interesting sunset that soon followed.
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The highway 44 section of the Sacramento River Trail from Hilltop at Dana Dr. to Turtle Bay is noticeably taking shape. Concrete pours at Hilltop show the entrance clearly defined. When you take the I-5 to 44 exit into town you can see the creative concrete works showing bicyclist zipping along the trail sculpted into the retaining wall of the underpass.

It will be interesting to how this portion of the trail will be used as it will be the most direct access to downtown for pedestrians. I have always imagined a gondola system that stretched from the top of the bluff out over the Sacramento River into downtown….to me that would be more fun than a glass toped bridge to nowhere.

For a detailed map of the Sacramento River Trail system including proposed extensions click here Link courtesy of BikeRedding.com





Jun 11, 2009 – Fiery-Foods.com founder Dave DeWitt announced today that his Fiery Foods and Barbecue SuperSite will partner with EatMoreHeat.com and founder James Beck to offer reviews for new products in the fiery foods and barbecue industries. For the rest of the story click here

Note: James Beck is my possible future son-n-law πŸ˜€

Donuts to Dollars is about Horton who?

Our friendly neighbors it reads in Canada are about to wage an International Food Fight over your morning coffee!

Donuts To Dollars – CBS News

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UFOs spotted in Cambridgeshire
A number of people claim to have seen UFOs in Cambridgeshire after dazzling orange lights flashed across the night sky.
Published: 8:57AM BST 03 Jun 2009

UFO: These is the incredible picture of more than 20 UFOs buzzing over awestruck Britain. Photo: CATERS

Witnesses claimed to have seen up to 50 of the mystery bright beams at around 11.30pm in Huntingdon.

Scott Boswell, 37, a former pilot and soldier from nearby Hinchingbrooke, captured some of the lights on his camera.

Mr Boswell, a banker in the City of London, said: “I noticed three lights floating past our house, probably a couple of kilometres away, and thought nothing of it.

Read the rest of the story @ www.telegraph.co.uk/news

In case you missed it…and since it is Monday…I thought it be a good time to revisit last Thursday’s photo files.

Just One Evening

Just One Evening

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