May 2009

The last Thursday evening in May faded into history with an interesting sunset.

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Just One Evening
Fire Light

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It may not have been a record turn out. According to Asphalt Cowboy Jerry Scheller..still recovering…says his initial unofficial guess is that 9,800 or more turned out for the Asphalt Cowboys downtown Redding pancake breakfast. As always the flap-jacks were a flippin and the mouths a flying open as many of us including your neighbors were enjoying the fun of gathering for the annual Rodeo week tradition. The pancakes were perfect and who needed entertainment for the rodeo atmosphere was present and the cowboys kept the crowd alive while herding everyone through the serving lines.

Congratulations to the Asphalt Cowboys and the Redding Rodeo staff as well as the City of Redding and all those who worked to make the event the success it was. Thanks to everyone who attended showing your awesome support in keeping this long standing tradition alive. See ya at the rodeo! For rodeo event info visit and www.reddingrodeo.comChita JohnsonKRCR TV Channel 7 Weather Anchor Chita Johnson earning her breakfast,rodeo6.jpgNow that’s a griddle(s)!rodeo9.jpgAsphalt Cowboy Dave Bartle of milking it!rodeo4.jpgClown juice anyone…we support our troops!rodeo13.jpgPlenty of room for everyone!rodeo14.jpgrodeo8.jpgrodeo16.jpgRodeo chorus line…greeters center stage.rodeo18.jpgrodeo19.jpgrodeo21.jpgrodeo22.jpgrodeo24.jpgrodeo23.jpgSee ya next year!

Friday morning put on the feed bag and get yourself downtown for the world’s largest outdoor pancake breakfast! Yeppers…the flap-jacks will be a flippin and the sausage a grillin!

Leave to work an hour early and make a detour to the Roaring Gulch downtown. It wont take you an hour to be served but you will need the time to say hello to people ya know who will be filling their face too.

Serving starts at 5AM on to 10AM. The streets are closed at the Cascade Theater and the tables and chairs are set and ready for ya! So get your getty up a goin and get yourself on down there!

For more info visit This years rodeo will have come and gone before you know it….hope you don’t miss out on all the fun and entertainment. We are on the Million Dollar Circuit this year…yee ha!
Gpa_040.jpgIn the spirit of Redding Rodeo Week….here are some photos my brother took last week where on Thursday nights at Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church near Enid Oklahoma they have a great time.Gpa_044.jpgA Nashville Grandpa brought his 3-year old to perform with him. That’s a realistic toy guitar. He had a wow-wow pedal hooked up to it so he could realistically pretend.

Very cute. Wowed the crowd. This was how we spend our Thursday nights at Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church near Enid Oklahoma.Gpa_051.jpg
Thank you very much, I think. Gosh! Look at all the old cowboys!Gpa_013.jpgJumping the rail and into the arena at Winter’s Livestock Auction Barn’s regular event held every Thursday night at 7p.m…
Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church. Near Enid, Oklahoma.

Thanks brother for sharing!

Johnny of Johnny’s Cycle Shop just got his bike back from Sign-A-Rama where he had shrink wrap graphics applied to the bikes skin. It turned out really well and it is now certainly a one of a kind. Hard to ever tell it was once a factory blue Yamaha.


If you are interested in having graphics like these….call or visit;
2537 Victor Ave
Redding, CA 96002
(530) 224-9655

Be sure to tell them Johnny sent ya!

Johnny is seen here servicing my ride.

Johnny’s Cycle Shop
930 Merchant
Redding, CA 96002

Clem’s Weather Forecast for Redding Rodeo week;
Cool mornings and mild afternoons till the weekend where we will top out in the triple digits. Bye Bye spring…happy rodeo. yee ha!

To see rodeo week schedule of events visit

For details on the Redding Rodeo visit

No that is not the money you could be saving with Geico. Clem as I have named him is a resident poser in downtown Redding at the residence on the corner of East and South street. See ya at the rodeo!