Wow….hope you guys got to see this in person! Thursday evening was certainly no sleeper in keeping with what I feel are the best in the west! I have posted a few samples below from the 90 in the series. To many good ones to post so I have placed them in an animated Flash movie so you can see the entire series whenever you please without having to click around more than once. Of course you don’t want to try this at home if you are using a dialup connection…sorry about that. To view the audio visual presentation CLICK HERE (40MB)

This series of photos were taken from atop the bluff along North Bechelli. Right as I was raising my camera in preparation to begin capturing the dramatic colors beginning to unfold….one of our resident Eagles soared by just a few feet in front of me. It was enjoying itself gliding about the strong pressurized uplifting breeze which was pressing against the wall of the bluff pushing up from the Sacramento river below. The eagle appeared so quickly that I was stunned and shocked that it was so darn close…I could see the yellow in its eyes…as I scrambled to hold the camera steady and hope it was focused enough to catch the bandit gliding away….not focused…sigh.

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