January's End
Late Saturday afternoon….I noticed the onset of a dark cloud streaking in off the Pacific coast that was filling the sky high above the city. A big fan of weather and sunsets…I was wondering if there would be a chance that the clouds would part at the horizon to allow the reflecting light of the setting sun to paint the clouds. Well it is a funny thing here to how clouds react to the mountains surrounding the valley below….and sure enough…the closer it became evening…a break appeared in the western horizon just above the mountains and foothills. So off I went to one of my favorite perches high above the city up on the river bluff of the river bend formed by the mighty Sacramento River. There…with my significant by my side, I set up my camera between a break in a stand of oak trees right along the crumbling edge. The scene that played out in the following moments was absolutely breath taking as always…..and so peaceful. Click here to see all 25 photos in this series. Cheers!
Home to roost
Goodbye January