On the CBS show Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood there was a piece they ran about designer salts which are becoming the next food for thought. Ha! I often forget that salt is more than the processed stuff sprinkled out of a shaker or paper packet. I seldom reach for the salt but when I do, I prefer Kosher or sea salt if given a choice.

Included in the piece was an interview with a Mark Bitterman and his wife, Jennifer who sell ninety varieties of salt at their shop “The Meadows” in Portland Oregon. I especially enjoyed the part in the piece where they talked about the unique individual responsible for the discovery of sodium, Sir Humphrey Davy who is best known for how he is remembered back when;

“Sir Humphrey Davy
Abominated gravy
And shall live in odium
For having discovered sodium.”

Certainly a very interesting and important discoverer in history. Click here to learn more about this early inventor, chemist and poet. He literally died from doing what he liked most.

Then there is the answer to the question I am sometimes asked in conversation of unexplained things, “What are those colored ponds of water you see outside the your airline window on approach and take off to the San Francisco airport?” (as shown in the above image) Answer: That is the Cargill SaltSan Francisco operations where they make salt from the sun and the sea. Click here for details.

Now about sodium and my blood pressure! After reading and learning all this…I conclude salt with dirt in it is better for you…in moderation.