French SMART Car

Not much bigger than a pumpkin…ha! I am sure everyone has had a chance to see one of these SMART mini me’s running around town. I spotted this one parked downtown in front of Sierra Central Credit Union still with paper dealer tags. The French company who produces these has been improving on them for many years now and the price of fuel is quickly making them a popular alternative choice for getting around town. To purchase one…you buy a spot on the waiting list, 99 dollars will reserve your own custom ordered SMART. To order, you pick out which of the three models you would like in the color of your choice while also selecting from the many choices of features to add. How fun is that to order your own personalized vehicle. To small you say…well not for me as I like riding my motorcycle and this is the next best thing without getting wet. HA!

Soft top in the open position.
My motorcycle can be seen parked behind the SMART car
and LOOK! There is room for two SMART’s in one parking spot! LOL

Here is a link to the U.S.A. site
This is a link to Niello’s in Sacramento.