As a photographer…I often wonder what generations from now will have to show for themselves when it comes to sharing photos of their generation and those before us. With the ongoing demise of the family photo album goes the means of digging through boxes or cleaning out the closet or attic where one might stumble across a family album that had been tucked away and nearly forgotten. Can you imagine the look on ones faces lets say 2 years from now when the same scenario plays out only it isn’t a photo album but a memory stick of compact disk of some sort. Oh geeze…it might like today if one was to go looking for an 8-track tape deck. Then there are those wonderful brilliant color prints off your Inkjet printer. Have you ever noticed how the water base ink changes color over time. Anyways…don’t get me wrong…I am not at all for going back to the costly Fotomat format. Only skilled artist will be keeping the old silver iodized film alive if it can be found.

Another interesting thing that has been in the works has been brought to my attention today…digital cinema. Yes, according to the report in the La Times today…a major step has been made in the direction to defray the cost for the major movie studios to convert to digital projection. This will open the door to showing 3D movies like those already produced by Disney Studios. Here is the LA Times article for those who are interested in the learning more of the details. Click Here I still need to go buy a VHS tape for my significant other. Cheers!