With family living in Houston, I have been paying close attention to the recovery and restoration taking place there and along the Gulf Coast in the wake of hurricane Ike. Nothing but miraculous that so many took action and evacuated reducing the sad reminder that still is being reported in regards to loss of life. Being a native to Corpus Christi, I have gone through a few major hurricanes and understand the hazards that one can be faced with during the clean up and recovery mode.

For those of you interested in seeing photos and reading and hearing first hand reports coming out of the are, I highly recommend visiting the website of Houston’s KTRK TV13 Eye Witness News. They are offering a live steaming broadcast as well as many photos of the devastation submitted by residents. The most dramatic are the before and after photos of the coastal towns of Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula. KTRK.com. Family is doing fine…though still without power as to be expected in a storm as devastating as Ike.