September 2008

Melted Green
The colors of Fall is something I always look forward to enjoy. On the way to work this morning…I saw workers using a cherry picker to remove the Starbucks signage from the closed California/Placer Street location. Not that it is a sign of fall but it was green…and it was a sign. Another failed business for downtown…who is next to try their luck?!! Have a great week everyone!


Put your finger here!
If you can’t put you finger on it…then you must have been offshore on a crab boat or something not to know. So just what are we talking about? Politics…the economy for sure seems to be on most everyone’s mind for good reason. It is hard to get good news on what is really going on with how the news media is so bias for one reason or another. After all…who owns them…not you and me. Even the smucks we are bailing out won’t have our best interest in mind. There is plenty of commentary to build a bridge to nowhere and I really have no interest in getting into a political pissing match with anyone. Just it is impossible not feel one way or another about all that is going on even if we are being left in the dark. I really stop and think to just which country is in the biggest jam here since it isn’t just our money in jam here…with all the foreign investors on the line too.

On a more positive note. It is good to hear the news about the city of Anderson making lemonade out of the lemon tree economy. Construction of a new Burrito Bandito is about to be completed along with many public improvement projects. These have been reported successful because of the lowest bids ever due to the struggling economy. The photos I took here are from the construction on the building going up next to the Trader Joes which seems to keep finding good reason to drag its feet in being completed. All this construction is good now but as we all know…this stuff all has a lag time. When winter rolls around and construction ceases….will it actually return? Many of our local area businesses are hurting too. Fuel coast ate a hole in us all and our tourist dollars shrunk because we did not have the vacationers we normally enjoy coming here to stimulate our economy. Many of the houseboats on Shasta Lake were dry docked during this summers season and not just because of low lake levels but that didn’t help matters. Blah Blah…it is time for the weekend and I don’t know about you but I am sure ready for it…even if it is going to be above normal hot one. May everyone have a fun and safe weekend. Cheers!
Redding Construction

The last evening of summer sure made a grand exit with a spectacular light show over the mountains to the north east of Redding. I missed the most active portion of the lightning as I scrambled to my favorite perch to capture this series which are just a few I selected out of the collection. From where I was standing there wasn’t any thunder to be heard but needless to say, it was clear there was plenty of punch in the electric charged clouds that were seen slipping off to the southeast from the direction of Black Bear Mountain to Lassen Volcanic Range.

This Monday is equally as long as the night with the transition of our Summer slips into Fall. I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler temps and the lower utility bill it will help us all have. Be sure to click on the images to enlarge.

Happy Fall everyone…cheers!

Glorious Morning
The last weekend of summer is upon us but how can you not feel Fall in the air on a day like today. Friday was ushered in by a spectacular sunrise which I will share later. The approaching offshore low pressure area is providing cloud cover and possible sprinkles here in the valley. Not to be giving you a weather report but I get excited when I wake and see clouds in the sky…it always means the sunrise will have something to paint in brilliant colors and I was not disappointed in this Friday’s sunrise. Until I can get around to publishing the images…above are string of morning glories greeting this beautiful day.

May everyone have a glorious and safe weekend. See you at Vintners Cellar downtown at the grape stomping contest. Cheers!

Vintners CellarVintners Cellar downtown Redding is celebrating their 2nd year anniversary and have a full line up for this weekend to allow anyone interested to come down and join in the fun.

Friday night will be their Open House event. It’s an event that is open to the public so invite your friends & family, then come on down for a fun filled evening.
There will be Live Music, Free Appetizers, Prizes & Give Aways, Discounts & Special Offers

Grape Stomping CompetitionSaturday they are having their 2nd annual grape stomping competition that will be starting at 2:00pm with teams competing at 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, 3:30. The winners of each heat will then compete in the championship at 8:30pm (immediately following the Beer & Wine Festival). For more information call Vintners at (530) 222-WINE and for future events check out their website

PS: Penny and I will be participating in the grape stomping competition starting at 2 p.m.

With family living in Houston, I have been paying close attention to the recovery and restoration taking place there and along the Gulf Coast in the wake of hurricane Ike. Nothing but miraculous that so many took action and evacuated reducing the sad reminder that still is being reported in regards to loss of life. Being a native to Corpus Christi, I have gone through a few major hurricanes and understand the hazards that one can be faced with during the clean up and recovery mode.

For those of you interested in seeing photos and reading and hearing first hand reports coming out of the are, I highly recommend visiting the website of Houston’s KTRK TV13 Eye Witness News. They are offering a live steaming broadcast as well as many photos of the devastation submitted by residents. The most dramatic are the before and after photos of the coastal towns of Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula. Family is doing fine…though still without power as to be expected in a storm as devastating as Ike.