Extra Extra Read All About It!
Deeta Pasero, director of Modern Gypsy Professional Bellydance here in Redding present 2010 Bellydance Extravaganza at the Shasta College theater April 17th.

This semi annual event is shaping up to be one of the best shows ever with a super line up of performers schedule for the two hour event.

Featuring performances by:
Unmata of Sacramento
Aiwa She Raqa of Medford
Summer Sahar of San Francisco
Namira of Tahoe
Circus Tribal of Ashland
Mychelle Crown of Sacramento
Origin of Chico
and Redding’s own Modern Gypsy!

$15 advance–$20 door
Show 7:00pm–doors 6:30pm

For tickets you can purchase them online at
or call 530-941-5901 to order by phone.

If you were one of the lucky ones to have caught the prelude performance at Lu Lu’s earlier this month, you already know this is to be super show. Now add in the 7 other guest dance troupes and you can bet this is to be an entertaining show you won’t want to miss. I personally will be there for sure as my significant will be performing with the Redding troupe.

Come see the show and you will never think of bellydance the same way again. It’s not what most often think it is….this is a class act show!

Meanwhile…be sure to checkout the great article about the show in AfterFive.



This afternoon a house fire broke out in River Heights subdivision off Hilltop Drive.

The San Mateo International Sportsmen’s Exposition (ISE)

When: Opens Thursday, Jan. 14 and runs through Sunday, Jan. 17, 2010

Where: San Mateo County Fairgrounds, San Mateo, CA

Thursday, Jan. 14 & Friday, Jan. 15
11am until 7pm
Saturday, Jan. 16
10am until 7pm
Sunday, Jan. 17
10am until 5pm

MORE INFO: For tickets, directions and more info visit

Be sure to catch The Fish Sniffer newspaper/magazine staff at the show.

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An unidentified woman took a tumble off the top of the cliff downtown Redding while watching construction taking place near her backyard at the Cibula’s apartments on North Market Street at noon today. Soon after, first responders repelled down to her rescue and hoisted her up through the fence on North Market Street.

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Holiday Reserve Basket
Order Click Here

Be sure to check out their pomegranate desert ice wine! Yummy goodness!

A lot of us are not able to afford to go shopping this year and those of us who are have to be creative and very frugal. Sure there are a few of you out there who are still doing well for yourself regardless of the economy but hey…if you are looking for a simple gift solution and can afford 20 to 30 bucks and the person you are shopping for likes wines…you are in luck!

My good friends downtown at Vintner’s Cellar has the perfect gift solution with no fuss yet it can be customized to your liking. A bottle of wine with a custom label looks really cool and don’t forget…Vintner’s Cellar wines are handcrafted and very delicious! You can order while you wait the wine of your choice. You can even go online and design your own label at or in person. Make if fun and memorable…the bottle most likely will be saved long after it is empty.

For those in a hurry…they have gift baskets already made up and ready for pickup starting at 75 bucks. Owners Alan and Jana along with their friendly staff are great at helping you decide and they offer free samples on most all of their wines. I am still here sampling…so pardon me but I just thought it would be fun to share this gift giving idea. Please send mine to…ha ha

Directions to Vintner’s Cellar as well as their phone number can be found on their website

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  Click on images to enlarge
Sacramento River
  On the Sacramento River, Caldwell Park Redding, California
Caldwell Park
  Fog rises from the river and slowly sifts through the trees…
Fog on the Sacramento River Redding California
  Homes with Christmas lights glisten in the hills…
Downtown Redding on the Sacramento River
  Merry Christmas

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Holiday Cheers to All…!!!

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Was getting to be slim pickens by afternoon on the big ones since the lines were long and hungry for big haul of fresh Dungeness Crabs at Buz’s Seafood earlier in the day. Still plenty left…$3.95 per pound.

ABOVE: KRCR TV 7 cameraman far left corner with reporter Orville Thomas(center) gathers the rest of the story from Buz (on right) for the evening news.

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An evening of beautiful music and song by a Diva of the Hammered Dulcimer.

Kate Price returns to the stage for a rare local appearance. Internationally recognized as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with 4 CDS to her credit, Kate blends multicultural influences and a rich lyrical voice with contemporary sensibilities. She will be performing original and traditional pieces on hammer dulcimer, Swedish Hummel, and vocals.

“Kate has an uncanny ability to find the spiritual core of the music and bring it forth” Sing Out Magazine

“More than anything, what comes through loud and clear in Kate’s music is her heart- she has the voice of an angel…”
Kenny Loggins

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Modern Gypsy Halloween at Old City Hall Oct 25 2009
Modern Gypsy Halloween at Old City Hall Oct 25 2009

oldcity_hallghost1Very haunting….mysterious, shimmering, trembling, shaking, mystifying, seductive, hypnotic, dramatic, mischievous, spooky, frightening…you get the idea.

Halloween at Old City Hall while occupied by the Modern Gypsy Bellydancers and their many goolish friends dancing the night away. Be there and be scared!

Watch and share the promo I made…click the link below, includes ticket info.
Get your spook on click here.

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I had a bowl of firm ripe wild figs that I wanted to do something with and thought hey…why not a pie. So I Googled Fig Pie and the first two recipes were simple and interesting. I chose the second one as it used a cream topping much like a cheesecake filling poured over the top of the figs instead of a crust. I modified the recipe as I used store bought pie crust and it called for orange juice as the liquid in the making of the pie crust. I added three table spoons of orange marmalade to the lime juice that was to be poured over the peeled and quartered figs. The first recipe called for peeling them…the second one didn’t but I thought the peelings were to course to leave all it on.

For the cream filling I used sour cream, heavy cream, white (and half brown sugar as I like the brown sugar flavor), corn starch, and vanilla whipped till thickened. The first recipe also called for a dash of apple spice…I added dash of pumpkin pie spice to add that fall flavor and aroma.

Here is the original recipe Tierra’s Fresh Fig Pie
It took me about an hour and half to peel, mix and bake. Yummy goodness!


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Outside my window there is always a flurry of activity especially as the local resident Anna’s hummers battle amongst themselves over the prized food supply but there are several other species appearing that have begun migrating down the Pacific Flyway. A true sign that summer is pretty much over as fall slips into place. The migrating species are brownish and are the Rufous Hummingbird.

A little female Anna’s Hummingbird takes a break outside my window after feasting on the feeder. Photo is as is from the camera other than it was cropped.

Anna's Hummingbird Resting

Anna's Hummingbird Resting

Best Seen Enlarged

Summer is slowly giving up its hold on us as Fall begins to slip into place with the days growing ever shorter. Saturdays weather front brought lots of beautiful scenes as the clouds painted the the sky line above the valley and surrounding mountains. The evening arrived quickly and I just happen to look out to see the setting sun was painting the sky those brilliant colors we often get to see here in the far north California. I missed catching the brightest portion of the sunset…but then I always enjoy that second wave of color that comes from when the sun sets on the distant Pacific coast where the bending rays of light paint the upper atmosphere as seen here in this series of photos.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone! Be safe have fun!

 There goes the day...

There goes the day...

Liguid Shimmer

Liguid Shimmer

She is looking beautiful tonight...

She is looking beautiful tonight...

Gradient between day and night

Gradient between day and night

Going to town..

Going to town..

I woke Saturday morning to find I had company…oh who art though? Mister bugger had slipped in through the cracked kitchen window during the cool of the night(this place didn’t come with screens :-)) and was now waiting for the sun and its warming glow. It appeared to be peering out the slit in the blinds seemingly as if no, not yet.

Off I went about having my morning making a little breakfast while the sun began to shine I gently opened the blinds just a tiny little bit. Oh yeah…bugger likes it!

Enjoying my unexpected company, we hung out together for awhile…though our conversation was null and void…at least if I was doing all the talking, I got the feeling by the rotation of his head with those big bug eyes that we were connecting. LOL

After I washed my dishes and took out the trash…no I am still here. I noticed out another window all of its relatives were out and about filling the beautiful blue skies. So I gently grasp the poor little thing, yeah right mandibles chomping legs a kicking and screaming at decibels beyond human hearing, I clasp all four wings and dusted off the cobwebs it had collected on its little prickly feet. Took it outside and found a sunny leaf were I let it grab hold before letting it go. Adjusting itself…with a yawn and few leg stretches it began soaking up the sun as it warmed its empty body. Later I returned and it appeared to have joined the others for I did not see any fat happy spiders.

The end of summer and the dragonflies are out in full force feasting and repopulating for the long cold winter ahead.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!
Here is some music for your weekend Emily Wells (click here)

Our last Friday iof August made a grand entrance high above the valley. The weather systems passing through provided the canvas which was readily painted in brilliant sunrise hues.

See the entire series of photos of the sunrise as seen from downtown Redding clicking here.

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I have always tried to imagine of how along the banks of the Sacramento River where it makes the big bend around towards the south through town, what it would be like if there were a string of shops and eateries that actually backed up to river instead of the many doctors and dentist offices that now occupy this prime unique Redding location….sigh. It is one of the coolest outdoor places during our hot summer days. I think if one had a place that served much of nothing would still be packed with customers vying just for the chance to sit on their shady deck next to the cool water.

At evenings end…a group of anglers call it a day and head towards the Park Marina boat ramp. Monday August 17, 2009. Click on images to enlarge

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Brazilian: Picanha – Rump, or as Brazilians call it ‘Picanha’, is the king of BBQ cuts

Better late than never…yeah with this post too.

Arrived at the ArtHop birthday bash not long before it was over…err uh…snagged by the fact Library Park which I know as Marketfest is not near a library but there are several parks that are in Redding. Been here long enough you would think I knew…and yes I checked first ha ha so needless to say we were late but it was still a lot of fun. Was able to catch up with Kelly, Phil, Steve and Donni along with three sets by the Mt. Shasta Taiko Drummers shown below.

After the bash we headed out to Carnegie’s where we down a few Tangerine Wheats and ran into several friends. The Mt. Shasta Taiko Drummers arrived for dinner so we got to compliment them on their great performance in person. Later we strolled on over to the Cascade where we witnessed a little flower power art or whatever you want to call it….as this gal had her self rolled with various hues of paint before smudging herself onto canvas laid out on the sidewalk. The musical group beside their setup was providing the best entertainment…have no clue to who they were but they were great.

We then headed into Vintage bar and grill where we managed to catch a table on the sidewalk….nice evening to be sitting outside…wow we did not have the triple digit heat we are known for this time of year. While at the bar buying a round of drinks…I spotted Jim Dyar with friends…sorry Jim but I did not want to interrupt click!

After awhile at Vintage we made our way over to Vintner’s Cellar where we wrapped up the evening. So much we didn’t get to see as the ArtHop has grown far beyond the immediate downtown area.

See you guys next month….and good luck to the ArtHop in having another successful year ahead. Cheers!
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Happy Happy Happy
Phil’s Sketchbook
Cutting Board #9

Mt. Shasta Taiko Drummers

Drumming to the beat

Drumming to the beat

Behind the stage

I 've got the beat!

Druming in Library Park

Beat to the Beat

The End - Drum Roll Please
Drum roll please….the end! Mt. Shasta Taiko Drummers

Random ArtHop Spottings

Body Paint 101

Body Paint 101

Multi-colored Salamander

Multi-colored Salamander - I sort of recall it was much more fun in the 70's LOL

Vintage Dyar

Vintage Dyar Spotting

Regulars belly up to the bar at Vintners Cellar during the ArtHop festivities.

Regulars belly up to the bar at Vintners Cellar during the ArtHop festivities.

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TANC was a no-show at the Cascade Wednesday evening but the StopTanc protestors showed up in full force. The demonstration march began at REU heading up Pine Street to Placer where they gathered in front of the Cascade. A peaceful demonstration though their message was loud and clear. Learn about their cause at

After the wonderful moonlit fireworks display at Redding’s Civic Center, it was time for those who gathered for the 4th celebration to disperse. It did not go without notice a few just couldn’t keep out of trouble. Have not heard word yet on what took place but over at the north end of the Benton Drive Sacramento bridge something was certainly going on that officers responded to in force. They were at the top end of the bridge and also covering an area down on the river trail below. Then later on and not all that long a police chase unfolded and ended at the intersection of California St. and Trinity St. behind what was once Miller Auto.

The suspect had barreled across a front lawn and crashed his early model vehicle up against a tree on the sidewalk. This very corner yard was previously lined with tables and chairs as the family with friends celebrated the 4th including an outdoor BBQ. Needless to say…several tables and a few chairs were demolished as the suspect zipped across from Trinity on across their front yard before hitting the tree on the California St. sidewalk.

It did not appear anyone was injured and the officers had the suspect in the back seat of one of the many patrol cars on the scene. There appeared to be a witness who was being interviewed and being asked to identity the suspect.

Thank you RPD and the Shasta Sheriff’s Dep. as well as the CHIP for doing a great job. It is also nice that we have the RPD enduro motorcycle and bicycle patrol who’s visible presence help make it a lot safer when crowds as large as our July celebration come together.




Crash Scene Photos by Penny Ripley using Blackberry Bold

La Calera Chapel is a little adobe church in West Texas.

According to recent written articles, the chapel has been preserved and maintained by the retired mayor of Balmorhea, Ruben Fuentes. It’s in the Chihuahuan Desert at the base of the Davis Mountains on Toyah Creek, six miles out from Balmorhea (Balmorhea Springs & Balmorhea State Park). You pass by the area when traveling on I-10 between Fort Stockton and El Passo.

The chapel is the only structure that remains of this 19th century settlement of sheep and goat herders. In the series of photos below, you will see stone ruins and a small forgotten cemetery comprised of rock mounds with small hand-carved headstones and wooden crosses.

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Click on images to enlarge

Baruch Atah Adonai
From The Balmorhea Progressive
Sit and the desert air will fill you; speak and its breath calls you back to stillness.

There is an oasis in the northern reaches of the Chihuahuan Desert in far West Texas. Long the secret of mountain trail vacationers, desert mendicants, epicurean savants and Barton Springs polar bears, Balmorhea is a progressive hide-out in the sunset shadows of the Davis Mountains for the reform-minded but powerless dreamer, the idealist turned cynic and yellow dogs bitting on a neoconservative leash . Illegals have nothing to fear in a refuge so long abandoned that the Great Dust Bowl didn’t bother to express its wrath here. It is a way through, a prophesy of depression, an oasis of faith, of hope and recovery and of dreams where oil lies wasting under desert sands and ancient mysteries.
Patronne de las Americas

Last weekend the weather kept us guessing if it was going to remain spring like or summer….but we all know around here in Redding you can have both at the same time.

The last day of spring slipped away but not without leaving us a few nice showers and a little hail here and there about the valley floor and on up into the mountains.

Below are a few of snapshots of the last day of spring including a triple rainbow that I just barely got a glimpse of with the camera. The rest are of the interesting sunset that soon followed.
To see all 14 photos in the series, please click here to launch the slide show.

The highway 44 section of the Sacramento River Trail from Hilltop at Dana Dr. to Turtle Bay is noticeably taking shape. Concrete pours at Hilltop show the entrance clearly defined. When you take the I-5 to 44 exit into town you can see the creative concrete works showing bicyclist zipping along the trail sculpted into the retaining wall of the underpass.

It will be interesting to how this portion of the trail will be used as it will be the most direct access to downtown for pedestrians. I have always imagined a gondola system that stretched from the top of the bluff out over the Sacramento River into downtown….to me that would be more fun than a glass toped bridge to nowhere.

For a detailed map of the Sacramento River Trail system including proposed extensions click here Link courtesy of





Jun 11, 2009 – founder Dave DeWitt announced today that his Fiery Foods and Barbecue SuperSite will partner with and founder James Beck to offer reviews for new products in the fiery foods and barbecue industries. For the rest of the story click here

Note: James Beck is my possible future son-n-law 😀

Donuts to Dollars is about Horton who?

Our friendly neighbors it reads in Canada are about to wage an International Food Fight over your morning coffee!

Donuts To Dollars – CBS News

Shared via AddThis

UFOs spotted in Cambridgeshire
A number of people claim to have seen UFOs in Cambridgeshire after dazzling orange lights flashed across the night sky.
Published: 8:57AM BST 03 Jun 2009

UFO: These is the incredible picture of more than 20 UFOs buzzing over awestruck Britain. Photo: CATERS

Witnesses claimed to have seen up to 50 of the mystery bright beams at around 11.30pm in Huntingdon.

Scott Boswell, 37, a former pilot and soldier from nearby Hinchingbrooke, captured some of the lights on his camera.

Mr Boswell, a banker in the City of London, said: “I noticed three lights floating past our house, probably a couple of kilometres away, and thought nothing of it.

Read the rest of the story @

In case you missed it…and since it is Monday…I thought it be a good time to revisit last Thursday’s photo files.

Just One Evening

Just One Evening

View all 28 photos in the series click here

To see more photos like this in my media files at
TW @dlangshaw

The last Thursday evening in May faded into history with an interesting sunset.

Below are a few samples but to see all 28 photos in the series click here
Just One Evening
Fire Light

To see more photos like this in my media files at
TW @dlangshaw

It may not have been a record turn out. According to Asphalt Cowboy Jerry Scheller..still recovering…says his initial unofficial guess is that 9,800 or more turned out for the Asphalt Cowboys downtown Redding pancake breakfast. As always the flap-jacks were a flippin and the mouths a flying open as many of us including your neighbors were enjoying the fun of gathering for the annual Rodeo week tradition. The pancakes were perfect and who needed entertainment for the rodeo atmosphere was present and the cowboys kept the crowd alive while herding everyone through the serving lines.

Congratulations to the Asphalt Cowboys and the Redding Rodeo staff as well as the City of Redding and all those who worked to make the event the success it was. Thanks to everyone who attended showing your awesome support in keeping this long standing tradition alive. See ya at the rodeo! For rodeo event info visit and www.reddingrodeo.comChita JohnsonKRCR TV Channel 7 Weather Anchor Chita Johnson earning her breakfast,rodeo6.jpgNow that’s a griddle(s)!rodeo9.jpgAsphalt Cowboy Dave Bartle of milking it!rodeo4.jpgClown juice anyone…we support our troops!rodeo13.jpgPlenty of room for everyone!rodeo14.jpgrodeo8.jpgrodeo16.jpgRodeo chorus line…greeters center stage.rodeo18.jpgrodeo19.jpgrodeo21.jpgrodeo22.jpgrodeo24.jpgrodeo23.jpgSee ya next year!

Friday morning put on the feed bag and get yourself downtown for the world’s largest outdoor pancake breakfast! Yeppers…the flap-jacks will be a flippin and the sausage a grillin!

Leave to work an hour early and make a detour to the Roaring Gulch downtown. It wont take you an hour to be served but you will need the time to say hello to people ya know who will be filling their face too.

Serving starts at 5AM on to 10AM. The streets are closed at the Cascade Theater and the tables and chairs are set and ready for ya! So get your getty up a goin and get yourself on down there!

For more info visit This years rodeo will have come and gone before you know it….hope you don’t miss out on all the fun and entertainment. We are on the Million Dollar Circuit this year…yee ha!
Gpa_040.jpgIn the spirit of Redding Rodeo Week….here are some photos my brother took last week where on Thursday nights at Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church near Enid Oklahoma they have a great time.Gpa_044.jpgA Nashville Grandpa brought his 3-year old to perform with him. That’s a realistic toy guitar. He had a wow-wow pedal hooked up to it so he could realistically pretend.

Very cute. Wowed the crowd. This was how we spend our Thursday nights at Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church near Enid Oklahoma.Gpa_051.jpg
Thank you very much, I think. Gosh! Look at all the old cowboys!Gpa_013.jpgJumping the rail and into the arena at Winter’s Livestock Auction Barn’s regular event held every Thursday night at 7p.m…
Chisholm Trail Cowboy Church. Near Enid, Oklahoma.

Thanks brother for sharing!

Johnny of Johnny’s Cycle Shop just got his bike back from Sign-A-Rama where he had shrink wrap graphics applied to the bikes skin. It turned out really well and it is now certainly a one of a kind. Hard to ever tell it was once a factory blue Yamaha.


If you are interested in having graphics like these….call or visit;
2537 Victor Ave
Redding, CA 96002
(530) 224-9655

Be sure to tell them Johnny sent ya!

Johnny is seen here servicing my ride.

Johnny’s Cycle Shop
930 Merchant
Redding, CA 96002

Clem’s Weather Forecast for Redding Rodeo week;
Cool mornings and mild afternoons till the weekend where we will top out in the triple digits. Bye Bye spring…happy rodeo. yee ha!

To see rodeo week schedule of events visit

For details on the Redding Rodeo visit

No that is not the money you could be saving with Geico. Clem as I have named him is a resident poser in downtown Redding at the residence on the corner of East and South street. See ya at the rodeo!

Wow….hope you guys got to see this in person! Thursday evening was certainly no sleeper in keeping with what I feel are the best in the west! I have posted a few samples below from the 90 in the series. To many good ones to post so I have placed them in an animated Flash movie so you can see the entire series whenever you please without having to click around more than once. Of course you don’t want to try this at home if you are using a dialup connection…sorry about that. To view the audio visual presentation CLICK HERE (40MB)

This series of photos were taken from atop the bluff along North Bechelli. Right as I was raising my camera in preparation to begin capturing the dramatic colors beginning to unfold….one of our resident Eagles soared by just a few feet in front of me. It was enjoying itself gliding about the strong pressurized uplifting breeze which was pressing against the wall of the bluff pushing up from the Sacramento river below. The eagle appeared so quickly that I was stunned and shocked that it was so darn close…I could see the yellow in its eyes…as I scrambled to hold the camera steady and hope it was focused enough to catch the bandit gliding away….not focused…sigh.

Please feel free to contact me to order prints at (530)722-0412 or write (Be sure to click on the images to enlarge)


“Vintner’s Cellar World Wine Adventure” read all about it below…

World Wine AdventureActually the following message did not arrive in a bottle but it certainly has something to do with receiving messages about the origins of some of the best filled bottles. This is an excerpt taken from a message written by my good friends Alan and Jana Leard owners of Vintners Cellar. This is what they had this to say:

“I wanted to tell you about the Vintner’s Cellar World Wine Adventure. Jana and I will be traveling through Europe for a month experiencing wine, food, and culture in the old world. During that time we will be hosting a live blog about our adventure. It is and the trip begins on April 28th. We will be posting things about the wine and food that we try as well as the people we meet. Billy & Patrick on Q97 will be hosting trivia questions about the blog every morning on their show for the full month leading up to the grand prize of $1000 travel certificate from Cruise Holidays. As a part of the promotion we are selling pre-ordered cases to raise money for Relay for Life Teams. Basically, people can pre-order a case of 1 of the 3 featured wines from the areas that we will be visiting, and then 20% of the purchase price will be donated to the Relay for Life Team of their choice.”

Thanks Alan and Jana and what a great idea! Of course it would be more fun to be traveling along with them but hey…this is the next best thing! Just go to their website… and click on your favorite topic then be sure to click the share link to add it to your social network such as Facebook. Also don’t forget to to sign up for for the blog updates by entering your email address.

Since Alan is well versed in technology from his years of providing IT support and the success in their thriving business adventure at Vintners Cellar….I have no doubt he will be doing a fantastic job keeping us abreast of their adventure through their blog entries while sharing real time photos too! Participate in the Q97 contest and who knows…you might be well on your way to your own world wine adventure!

Only 10 days left before their departure!


Alrighty now Buckaroos…it’s that time of year again! Dust off your saddle, scrape off the mud and polish up your boots for the Redding Rodeo season is about to begin.

One of my favorite times of the year where you can attend a shoot out, chili cook-off and even witness a bank holdup or try to follow the clues to where the loot was hidden. There is also a kiddy parade for the little rustlers in the family at the Mt. Shasta Mall.

The most popular attended event of rodeo week is the downtown Roaring Gulch pancake breakfast. The worlds largest outdoor pancake breakfast!

I am sure I left something out so you might want to check the Asphalt Cowboy’ website for dates and more details. While you are there…send the cowboys a wire if you want to purchase tickets as they will be out starting next Wednesday, April 11 going door to door selling and personally delivering your tickets.

This year you can register for your favorite event by downloading forms right from the Asphalt Cowboys website!

Golf BallMonday, May 11, 2009
11:00am check-in
Golf at High Noon
Gold Hills Golf and Country Club

Entry fee includes:
• Green Fee
• Range Balls
• Carts
• Prize Fund
• BBQ Hamburger Lunch
• Steak Dinner
Tournament Registration Form
chili_cookoff_lrg.jpgAsphalt Cowboy’s 4th Annual Chili Cook-off!!
Buckaroo Flats{The Redding Rodeo Grounds}
Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
Set up: 5-6pm
Tasting & Judging: 6-7pm
Awards Ceremony and Raffle Follow Dinner
The Chili Cook-Off is not a sanctioned event.
Chili Cook-Off Registration Form

See ya at the rodeo!!!

Shes hot!
The last day of March arrived in a brilliant display.

On the CBS show Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood there was a piece they ran about designer salts which are becoming the next food for thought. Ha! I often forget that salt is more than the processed stuff sprinkled out of a shaker or paper packet. I seldom reach for the salt but when I do, I prefer Kosher or sea salt if given a choice.

Included in the piece was an interview with a Mark Bitterman and his wife, Jennifer who sell ninety varieties of salt at their shop “The Meadows” in Portland Oregon. I especially enjoyed the part in the piece where they talked about the unique individual responsible for the discovery of sodium, Sir Humphrey Davy who is best known for how he is remembered back when;

“Sir Humphrey Davy
Abominated gravy
And shall live in odium
For having discovered sodium.”

Certainly a very interesting and important discoverer in history. Click here to learn more about this early inventor, chemist and poet. He literally died from doing what he liked most.

Then there is the answer to the question I am sometimes asked in conversation of unexplained things, “What are those colored ponds of water you see outside the your airline window on approach and take off to the San Francisco airport?” (as shown in the above image) Answer: That is the Cargill SaltSan Francisco operations where they make salt from the sun and the sea. Click here for details.

Now about sodium and my blood pressure! After reading and learning all this…I conclude salt with dirt in it is better for you…in moderation.

I have heard people asking why the wienermobile is in town. It came to town to win votes from the vegan’s! Ha…it is here promoting wieners of course and not just any wiener but the Oscar Mayer variety. If you catch it at one of the scheduled stops during its stay in the Redding area, you can get a free glow-in-the-dark wiener whistle. Meanwhile…I have seen this old dog before when I lived in Houston…or one like it. It used to transverse the rush our drive every now and then and often only in the mornings to avoid the sizzling heat.

Here is the hotdog schedule for the Wienermobile:
Raley’s, Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Hartnell Avenue location.
Raley’s Saturday from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Lake Boulevard location
Wal-Mart in Anderson from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.
Friday on Halloween, Holiday Quality Foods from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 3315 Placer St.
Friday on Halloween, Holiday Quality Foodd from 2 to 5 p.m. at 9350 Deschutes Road in Palo Cedro.
Nov. 1, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Raley’s on Lake Boulevard.
Smile if you are a vegan!
The original was created in 1936 by Oscar’s nephew, Carl G. Mayer, and variants are still used by Oscar Mayer today such as the model shown here.
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See the original click here!
In reading the license plate, this one is obviously a cheese dog!

It is obvious that our community is continuing the tradition of surviving economical hard times and is still maintaining its ability to revitalize itself. Nowhere is it more apparent that our very own downtown. There is a growing list of new businesses along with new construction as well as street improvements and crosswalks. 

This is something that is fun to discuss with your friends and colleagues especially when you get to share something new you just learned about in regards to our historical downtown. Social media is the best way to keep informed.

With that said….I am excited to be invited to share my experiences and information I may happen to learn about or uncover or just care to brag about on It has always been an interest of mine to discover something old or new about our downtown. is the perfect platform for sharing and hearing everyone’s opinion. i will do my best to create the discussion and collectively we can spread the word while we share our opinions and ideas. 

So what is the newest thing you have heard about downtown Redding? 

How about the new plans to demolish the old bus station and replace it with desirable new retail space? 

And have you checked out the new Market Street crosswalks and the redesign of the Market St and Eureka Way intersection complete with new east bound signage and pavement?

Those are just a few of the newest visible and talked about topics. I would also like to ask…what eateries have you tried lately downtown and what is your favorite place for an adult beverage? The list goes on but you get the idea. These are some of the topics I will be covering but I am not stopping there. Lots of activities take place every day downtown and some are planned and some are not. If you hear of something you think would be of interest and worth sharing…please do! I look forward to helping generate interest while giving acknowledgement where due.  Thanks for making it possible to report on the exciting happenings of our downtown community and the surrounding neighboring communities.